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Buy Charas Hash Online UK,High quality hashish in India comes from cannabis grown in the mountains. The variety from Himachal Pradesh is consider to be of the highest quality throughout India. It is easily available in Kinnaur, Rispa, Ribba, Shimla, Naldera, Karsog, Narkanda, Kullu & Rampur—practically every area in Himachal Pradesh. For this reason, the Indian subcontinent has become very popular with backpackers and drug smugglers.

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During hand-harvesting, live cannabis plants’ flowering buds (as opposed to dried plants/buds) are rubbed between the palms of the harvesters’ hands, and by the end of the day one has perhaps 8 or 9 grams of charas. The faster one works, the lower the quality of charas; hence to make “Malana cream” it is necessary to go very slowly and make only a few grams a day. Nowadays production of cannabis in the Himalayas has increased with growing demand for Malana cream; the ancient art of manufacturing is disappearing under the pressure to capitalize on the domestic and international market for charas.

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High quality charas is also produce in Nepal and sell in government monopoly stores in Kathmandu until the government gave in to international pressure and got out of the business in the 1970s. Rolpa district in western Nepal was a production center, with ganja and charas both an important cash crop in this extremely isolated, underdeveloped and impoverished region.

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