Although there are a number of persons on the internet claiming to sell legal weed, we can assure you we aren’t one of them. We have spent years building a solid reputation amongst our clients and strongly support the use of marijuana medically and recreationally. We understand the needs of medical patients that may have trouble purchasing their medicine from a dispensary for any number of reasons and believe they shouldn’t be forced to have to buy illegally on the streets.
No. You cannot directly pick up your order from us. We only accept payments via email money transfer and can only send your products through mail order at this time.
We use the DHL, Fedex and TNT discreet shipping services to ship your orders. We have had 100% successful delivery since 2017. Shipping is 100% Discreet, secured and guaranteed. We ship from the UK.
We have different shipping Options. 24 hrs, 48 hrs and 72 hrs. Depending on your location, it might take 2-3 business days maximum.
Currently, we are accepting Bitcoins, Western Union, Money Gram. Don’t worry, these methods are safe, secure and convenient.
Yes, We do ship to all location discreetly and securely
Please send proof of payment, Once we confirm payment, we will register your order for discreet shipping and provide you with the tracking number to track the delivery.
It is the best and most discreet way to ship out with 100% success.